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Tiled flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. Additionally, tiled floors can make commercial spaces look really impressive, especially in busy areas like entryways or reception areas. With such a vast choice of tiles available, your options are limitless, and your floors can be customized to any theme or style.

While it is very difficult to damage the surface of a tile, after a while you will notice your tiles begin to lose their luster. Surfaces become dull and discolored. Your grout will start to turn gray and may even be described as grimy. This would be a good time to contact a tile and grout cleaning service.

No matter how you try to clean this dirt, it is an impossible task with household products and elbow grease alone. Sacrificing an electric toothbrush and using the bicarbonate of soda will leave you with no toothbrush and persistent grime on your tiles and grout. The reason for this is tiles and grout have porous surfaces. These pores allow unwanted particles to seep through and become embedded into the material. No amount of mopping, scrubbing, or other home cleaning methods will rid your tiles and grout of the dirt. We know, because we have based much of our business on solving this problem.

The deterioration of tiles and grout can be extremely frustrating to house-proud individuals who start to question their cleaning skills. Your cleaning skills simply aren’t the problem. Feel better about yourself and take a look at our professional solutions.

Niceville Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

At HydraKlean, we can assure you there is nothing wrong with your cleaning methods. Certain types of dirt, including dirt embedded in tiles, require a more specialized approach that Niceville grout cleaning companies can provide.

We have been in the cleaning business since 2005 and we are among the leading cleaning companies based on the Emerald Coast. Our technicians are highly trained and will carry out a tile cleaning service or grout cleaning service with professionalism in your Niceville home or business.

Using high-pressure and hot water, we can effectively remove even the most deeply embedded dirt from your tiled surfaces. The technique we have developed, which we have trained all of our staff to perform, will restore tiles to a high luster and return grout to its original state.

Our cleaning service also includes using a special sealant that protects the tiles from further damage. This means our tile cleaning services from our Niceville technicians are long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy beautiful floors without the worry of dirt building up again straight away.

Other tile cleaning companies might use inferior methods or refrain from using a sealant. Their result is less effective than ours and their cleaning does not last nearly as long as it should.

Trusted, Cleaning Professionals

Our policy is to provide customers with clear and straightforward quotes. This means you will know upfront exactly how much our services are going to cost. Our prices are competitive, and we will never subject you to high-pressure upselling tactics.

In addition to Niceville professional grout cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stone cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Air-duct cleaning
  • Emergency water restoration

If you are looking for a professional company to do a great job of cleaning your tiled surfaces, we are on hand to make it happen for you. Call us today and find out how we can have your tile or grout looking amazing without costing you a fortune.

How to Contact HydraKlean

We are based in the Niceville area, but we also serve customers across the entire Emerald Coast area. Our experienced team is happy to discuss your requirements and answer your questions. We will provide quotes quickly upon request.

Please call us today at (850) 664-6328.

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