Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Whether your commercial property is open to the public or not, hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning company is a great way to protect your investment and improve the environment. Here are some of the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning, that you can enjoy when you use our professional services.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Any property requires regular maintenance to keep them up to date. Wear and tear are inevitable, especially if your property opens its doors to the public and you have customers and clients walking through your building. Make sure you think about your carpets too. Carpets are often overlooked, and none more so than those that serve in commercial properties.

How many people remove their shoes before entering your place of business? Probably none. That is a lot of dirt, dust, mud, and who knows what else, that gets tracked through your business between opening and closing time.

Even in high-traffic areas, carpets can be restored to look and feel like new with a thorough, professional carpet cleaning. Daily vacuum cleaning is essential for removing the surface dirt and dust. Regular cleaning by a commercial carpet cleaning company, however, will penetrate deep into carpet fibers and help delay the signs of wear and tear.

A Clean Carpet is Better Than the Best Welcome Mat

Clean carpets are more inviting to those visiting your business. When it comes to making first impressions, the carpet is part of the welcome people get when they step into your place of business. The way your carpet looks, smells, and feels will have an impact on how they feel about your business and, therefore, your brand.

A clean carpet makes for a better environment for your staff as well. Not only will it make people feel good, but it also demonstrates that you care about your workers and their environment.

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Clean Carpets are Safe for Staff

A clean carpet is a safe carpet. Carpet is a very effective floor coverings, providing comfort, warmth, and even some sound insulation properties. They also harbor many small particles, such as dust, dirt, hair, and organisms like dust mites. Even after a normal vacuum cleaning, tenacious elements remain clinging to carpet fibers. Carpets are home to bacteria and allergens, both of which can pose a risk to your staff and cause discomfort.

Penetrating these fibers with water or steam and our biodegradable detergents will make your carpets healthier. You may notice that your staff seems healthier, with fewer signs of illness and fewer sick days after have the carpets professionally cleaned. You will know that you have done what is necessary to keep your workers healthier, in addition to improving the environment for everyone that comes inside.

Exceptional Odor Removal

According to some of our clients, one of the most dramatic aspects of using our commercial carpet cleaning services is our odor removal results. In fact, many clients did not even realize there was an odor until we removed it for them.

Our deep carpet cleaning services penetrate to the heart of your carpet’s fibers and remove underlying odors that can be off-putting to customers, clients, and staff. The smell of a fresh, clean carpet shows that you value your business. It inspires confidence in staff and visitors alike.

HydraKlean is a Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

If you have been thinking about hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company, look no further than HydraKlean. We are experienced, have expertise in the latest and greatest carpet cleaning techniques, and are conscientious. We are not afraid of big jobs and can handle any commercial requirement. Our team is flexible and can work at times that suit you to minimize disruption to your business. Your carpet’s typical drying time should be no more than four hours, so, for most businesses, that gives us plenty of time to get in, transform your carpets, and have the place ready for business as usual.

You can also talk to us about our furniture cleaning services, and what we can do with your tile & grout. Like carpets, these areas also tend to suffer from neglect and normal wear and tear. Our specialist services can restore your furniture and tile & grout fast.

Like all professional commercial carpet cleaning companies, water is our friend, but if you have been hit by a storm, burst pipe, or another issue that has caused water damage to your commercial property, we can also provide 24/7 water restoration services. Our technicians are highly trained and equipped to help you manage your property in a variety of situations, including emergencies.

For our team here at HydraKlean, providing commercial carpet cleaning services is business as usual. We do not recommend that you take a short cut when your business is at stake. Our commercial carpet cleaning company is reliable, trustworthy, fast, and effective. Our technicians are trained to look after your carpet, matching techniques and products to your carpet and your needs. We take great pride in our work and look forward to hearing what you need, so we can help you get more from your carpets and your commercial property.

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