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When you purchase a home or commercial space it is important to put your own stamp on it. Changing the décor, renovating, and sprucing up the interior with tile and grout cleaning services are all things people like to do to make their new place reflect their tastes and personalities.

One very popular thing to do is invest in tiled floors and surfaces. Tiles can be made out of various materials, such as granite, marble, mosaic, ceramic, and porcelain. Some are economical, while some are extremely expensive. However, they are all hard wearing and able to endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear.

What many people do not realize though, is there is one thing all tiles have in common; they are porous. A porous surface contains lots of tiny holes. These holes are so small you cannot actually see them, but they are big enough to allow dirt to seep into them over time.

After a while, this dirt builds up in the tile’s pores and causes them to look grimy no matter how much you clean them. Using a mop, scrubbing brush, or other domestic cleaning method is futile because they are not designed or able to dig deep into a tile’s pores and remove the dirt. To properly restore your tiles to their former glory, a professional cleaning method and equipment are required.

Destin Professional Tile Cleaning Service

Having been in the cleaning business since 2005, we are highly experienced in the best methods to clean tiles effectively.

Our Destin tile cleaning service and grout cleaning service are provided by trained technicians who use a high-pressure method to remove the built-up dirt entirely. Even the most deeply embedded dirt can be eliminated. Your tiles will be restored to a high luster and grout returned to a like-new state.

Unlike other Destin grout cleaning companies, we finish the job with a special sealant that protects your floor for years to come. With this sealant, it will take much longer for the dirt to build up again meaning you can enjoy clean looking tiles for longer.

Destin Professional Grout Cleaning You Can Trust

Our ethos is to provide our customers with transparent, upfront quotes so you know exactly how much our services will cost. We do not add any hidden fees and we do not employ any up-selling tactics either.

We provide a high-quality service at the exact price you were quoted. It is this level of service that has allowed us to become one of the leading cleaning services in the Emerald Coast area.

How to Contact HydraKlean

Reach out to receive more information about our Destin tile cleaning services or any of the other following services we provide, such as:

  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Stone floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

Please call us at (850) 664-6328. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

We are committed to providing a professional service without any underhand hard-sell tactics or misleading pricing options. You can be assured that you will know exactly what you are receiving with HydraKlean; a high-quality like-new finish at a competitive price.

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