Air Duct Cleaning


Does your home seem more dusty than usual? Does your air conditioner never seem to shut off? Do you or members of your family have trouble with allergies or asthma? If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time for a serious air duct cleaning. When you see a dusty buildup in your air vents, you need to have them cleaned to prevent that dust from finding its way into your lungs.

Typically, air ducts used in Florida A/C systems are made with fiberglass insulation. More and more studies are showing that fiberglass particles could be a carcinogen. Just like tobacco, radon, and asbestos, fiberglass might be doing you more harm than good. With HVAC duct cleaning at HydraKlean, our process includes a special coating that prevents fiberglass from breaking free and becoming airborne.

Could it be Time to Clean Your Air Ducts?

There are definite clues, such as:

  • Noticing an unusual amount of dust all over your house.
  • Waking with allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose or irritated eyes.
  • Allergies that seem to be getting worse.

You should seriously consider cleaning your air ducts regularly if any of the following apply to you:

  • You live near the beach or on an unpaved road.
  • You have recently completed a remodeling project in your home.
  • You have pets.
  • You do not know the last time duct cleaning services were performed in your home.

Since all of the Emerald Coast is near the Gulf, pollutants that have built up in your home’s air ducts can cause many problems. No one likes dirty rooms and dust that seems uncontrollable, but HydraKlean has solutions.

Ignoring the reality of air vent cleaning or heat duct cleaning is not the way to go. As residue builds up inside of air ducts, it will have no place to go but out into the atmosphere inside your home. Pollutants and dust affect your HVAC system by making it a lot less efficient than it should be. Your heating and cooling bills will drift higher each month. Who needs that?

Air Duct Cleaning

HydraKlean Will Give Your Home a Clean Bill of Health

When you need air duct cleaning services for your home, you will find our services are comprehensive and our prices are affordable. We know exactly what to do for air duct cleaning, so you can have the job completed quickly, and with minimum interruption to your life.

Our knowledgeable and trained technicians will come to your home, prepared to clean any type of duct system. We use an array of tools, including air sweeps & whips, cable drives, and HEPA-filtered vacuums and brush systems. We will open and clean each supply and return thoroughly, including the main trunk line. We sanitize all the register grills where dust and debris have accumulated the most. Then, we finish with a bacteria-killing treatment.

You never have to worry that your home will be a mess after HVAC duct cleaning. Our techs use clean drop cloths to protect your home. When we leave, we ensure that there are no specks of debris left behind. We also always agree on a price before we begin our work, so we will not leave your finances in disarray either.

Do Not Let the Air You Breathe Make You Sick

If you suffer from allergies or have trouble breathing, it could be from dirty air vents in your home. If you constantly have a sore throat, itchy eyes, skin rashes, or fatigue, it could be caused by your home’s air vents.

Keep in mind that many homes in Florida have air quality problems, mostly as a result of moisture that grows and spreads. One of the places it will do this is in your home’s air ducts. If you cannot remember the last time air vents were cleaned out, it is time to get in touch with HydraKlean.

In addition to all of that, air vent cleaning is great when you own pets, especially in a home with multiple pets. You probably do not see the dog and cat hairs that come from their coats floating through the air, but they are there. At HydraKlean, our air duct cleaning service takes care of proper filtration, proper relative humidity, and the removal of dust mites and pet allergens.

You can trust our team with air vent cleaning on the Emerald Coast. We are courteous, comprehensive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure everything is done right. You expect clean air ducts after our visit, so do we. We settle for nothing less and neither should you.

We use non-toxic products that will not cause additional harm throughout your home. The last thing you need is increased risk of allergic reactions. We take advantage of advanced cleaning techniques, and the best tools available, to reach particles in even the most difficult of areas.

Your Home is Your Haven

Keep your home safe by ensuring that the air in your home is clean. The only way to achieve that is through complete air duct cleaning. Now is the time to get those air ducts and heat vents cleaned. You will not believe the difference it will make.

Clean air is not just a concern for the outdoor environment, it is something that you need to be mindful of in your home or business too. If you have been browsing through multiple air duct cleaning companies trying to find one that will fit all of your needs, look no further than HydraKlean.

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