When is it Time to Clean Your Tile and Grout?

Any home decorating expert can tell you that tile can make any bathroom or kitchen look a million times cozier and more welcoming. However, in order for tiles to stay together, you need to use grout, which unfortunately, is prone to water… Read More

How to Polish Your Natural Stone Floors Like a Pro

If you look at some of the oldest, most long-lasting buildings in the world, you’ll see they have one thing in common. They’re all made from stone. From the stone and concrete of the Colosseum in Rome to the sandstone Temple… Read More

When Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Have you sensed an unusual amount of dust circulating in your home? You may or may not see dust particles, but your lungs know they’re there, especially if you have allergies or a respiratory condition. Dust doesn’t only float in… Read More

How to Clean Stone Countertops Properly

Many people are unaware how to clean stone countertops without damaging them. Stone countertop material pulls in natural beauty to create a stunning aesthetic, but it can also be damaged if you use the wrong cleaning products. Learning how to clean natural… Read More

Is Your Home Making You Sick? Why Professional House Cleaning Will Save Your Health

Are you short on time each day and unable to deal with cleaning your house? If you’ve run out of energy and skimped on cleaning, it’s time to hire a professional. With so many chemicals hiding in your home, it’s… Read More

Why You Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

When was the last time your home’s carpet was cleaned? It might be time to bring in the professionals. After all, carpets can hold bacteria, dust mites, and other toxins, so it’s critical for the good of your health to seek… Read More

Top Upholstery Cleaning Myths

After the Netflix marathons you’ve subjected your couch to during lockdown, it’s likely that you’ll start to notice some signs that your upholstery needs cleaning sooner rather than later.  Even if there are no visible stains, upholstery fabric can hide a multitude of bacteria… Read More

Five Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered, “Is air duct cleaning necessary?” If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to learn which home improvement projects are crucial, so you can help keep your maintenance costs low. As it turns out, cleaning your air ducts can have… Read More

Carpet Service: Why Your Company Needs a Carpet Cleaning Schedule

If your business has carpet inside of it, then you’ll need to have a set carpeting cleaning schedule in place to ensure it is well-maintained and will last as long as possible. You also want your business to give a… Read More

What Happens During a Restoration from Water Damage?

Even with the best planning, the best home maintenance, and even the proper precautions, flooding and water damage can happen to your home at any time.  Nothing is more stressful than feeling out of control due to severe damages to… Read More

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