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There is no doubt about it, Seaside is a beautiful place to live and work. This master-planned community with beautiful sea, sand, and sights is a magnet for visitors, just as your carpet is a magnet for dirt. To maintain the appearance and atmosphere of your commercial enterprise inside as well as outside, we recommend that you take a look at commercial carpet cleaning services. These can transform your environment in a number of ways, as you will see.


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Why Do I Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Your carpet, particularly if you are running a busy commercial enterprise, is one of the dirtiest places in your workplace. Even if your carpet appears to be clean, you can almost guarantee that it is harboring deep-down dirt, mites, and bacteria. This is not intended to scare you, as bacteria and dirt are everywhere, but we want to offer you a solution to make your environment healthier and more pleasant for you, your staff, and your visitors.

How many people remove their shoes when they enter your commercial space? That is a lot of dirt being walked into your property on a daily or near-daily basis. Daily vacuuming will help remove some of the outside that your visitors have brought inside, but this kind of daily traffic goes deep into carpet fibers.

With the Seaside commercial carpet cleaning services from HydraKlean, you will be able to remove those nasties in your carpet, including the ones you cannot see. If you have any embarrassing, unsightly, or regrettable stains on an otherwise tidy carpet, we can get rid of those too. Our cleaning method will extend the life of your carpet by removing damaging material that can degrade its fibers and get more ground in the more people walk on the carpet.

In addition to experiencing a carpet that looks fresh, perhaps even like new, it will smell fresh too. You could say that your carpet does not smell bad, but the things that have been ground in smell bad. By removing dirt, mites, dust, crumbs, stains, bacteria, and more, you remove the odors they produce.

This is how our Seaside commercial carpet cleaning company can restore your commercial space, improving morale for your workers, and making it much more welcoming for customers.

What Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Involve?

HydraKlean offers residue-free carpet cleaning. We can restore your carpet to peak condition with one of three approaches, depending on the cleaning required and the type and location of your carpet.

  1. Carpet Washing– With this technique, our techs will provide a thorough, deep clean of your carpets. We can remove heavy stains that used to make your heart sink whenever you saw them. Your carpet should only take about four hours to dry after treatment, so this can happen overnight, and the carpet will be ready for business the next day.
  2. Steam Cleaning– Using this method, our team will use a combination of steam, water, and chemicals to get to the root of odor problems and stains. Steam cleaning penetrates and cleans your carpet’s fibers. Your carpet will be dry in only 3-4 hours.
  3. Low-Moisture Cleaning– If you have a low-pile carpet with little soiling, this method uses low-moisture and detergent, and can be dry within an hour.

Get Started with Seaside Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Getting started is easy, and you will be glad you chose us. We stand behind our services and the job is not complete until you are completely satisfied.

Contact HydraKlean by picking up the phone or sending us an email to let us know about your carpet, your space, and what you need. We will provide you with advice and a complete rundown of our relevant services and how we can help you.

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