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When it comes to your business, you want everything to look just right. In this endeavor, floors and carpets can be among your best assets if you maintain them to create the right impression. At HydraKlean, we can help with our full range of services for all your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Destin

Think of all the customers and staff who walk through your business every day. Especially in high-traffic areas, you want the best looking carpets and rugs. Our commercial carpet cleaning services will do the job for you.

With every step people take, they leave behind dirt and residue that builds up in the fibers of your rugs. Choosing HydraKlean for your commercial carpet cleaner will give you the cleanest and freshest smelling rugs for your business. First impressions are everything.


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What You Can Expect

What can you expect from our Destin commercial carpet cleaning company? On the day of your carpet cleaning, a technician will arrive to do a walk-through with you. This is when you can point out your most worrisome spots, stains, and anything else that does not look right. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have. Our techs are happy to answer in as much detail as you like.

If you know how old stains might be, make sure to point that out as well. This makes it easier for our techs to ascertain which products to use. Then, it is on to the carpet cleaning. All high-traffic areas and stains will be pre-treated before our carpet washing or steam cleaning team goes to work.

At HydraKlean, you have the following carpet cleaning options:

  • Carpet Washing– This is a thorough deep clean. All stains and deep-matted carpets will look like new once the carpet washing is completed. It is also great for those with allergies and pets. A deep clean like this typically takes about 4 hours to dry.
  • Steam Cleaning– With this type of commercial carpet cleaning, our techs combine water, steam, and chemicals to give your carpets a great, penetrating clean. When done, carpets take between 3-4 hours to dry.
  • Low-moisture Cleaning– This method employs a detergent and cloth bonnet cleaning method, which is perfect if you are looking for more of a freshening up than a deep clean. Your carpets will smell like new again. Drying time is about 1 hour.

All businesses have different carpets, rugs, and other floor coverings. Some companies need frequent cleaning; others not so often. We can help you understand the best way to preserve the quality, feel, and appearance of your carpet. We understand how you can transform a room with rugs and carpets that look and smell fresh. With our non-toxic solutions, you do not have to worry that cleaned carpets will not be safe.

We also clean upholstery. Furniture does not only collect dust, but germs and stains over time. Our commercial carpet cleaning technicians are ready to handle even those tough stains. Our cleaning solutions are strong enough for the toughest grime, yet gentle enough for children and pets.

Serving Destin and the Surrounding Area for More Than a Decade

HydraKlean is locally owned and operated, and we know what needs to be done to make your carpets look their best again. We have been providing great customer service in the Destin area since 2005 and we stand on our stellar reputation.

The price we quote you will be the price you pay. We never switch things up at the last minute. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and knowledgeable in cleaning all flooring types with the best cleaning techniques. We love pleasing our customers.

For among the very best in Destin commercial carpet cleaning companies, call HydraKlean today. Your business is important to you and to us. Let us take care of your floors and upholstery so that you can make a big impression from the start.

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