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Dirt and damaged carpets are a part of life, even in beautiful Seacrest. Fortunately, HydraKlean is one of the Seacrest carpet cleaning companies that can help maintain your carpets and other aspects of your home interior. We not only handle deep cleaning of your carpets, restoring them to how they looked and smelled when they were new, but we do it in a timely fashion and in a way that will not break the bank for you.

Professional carpet cleaning services are the perfect way to ensure that your carpeting is truly clean. Dust mites, pet dander, and pollen can cling to the fibers of carpeting, often without us even aware that they are there, causing those that are sensitive to those particles to wonder what is going on. By using a company like HydraKlean, you are committing to keeping your residential carpet clean for your friends, family, and pets.


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Our Seacrest Florida Carpet Cleaning Services

Our experienced technicians will come to your home to clean and pamper your carpets. We use three methods for cleaning carpets, depending on the material, their usage, and their condition. At most, your carpet may take around four hours to dry, which means that we can clean it in the evening, and you can enjoy it the very next morning.

Carpet Washing– This is for carpets that will benefit most from a deep clean. If your carpet sees a lot of traffic and/or is heavily stained, a deep clean will get to the heart of the problem. After this treatment, your carpet will look, smell, and feel like new. It can make a dramatic change in your carpet and living environment. Many of our clients are delighted by the results and wonder why they waited so long to get this done. If you have allergies, kids, or pets, we typically recommend a deep clean carpet wash.

Steam Cleaning– This process does not get your carpet as thoroughly wet as carpet washing, but the steam does penetrate deep into the fibers, providing a powerful and effective clean. In combination with our special detergent, this will have your carpet looking great. Expect a three to four-hour drying time.

Low-Moisture Cleaning– Experiencing light soiling? Need your carpet cleaned in a hurry? If you are looking for a quick clean to rejuvenate a carpet, perhaps before a party or the arrival of guests, our low-moisture cleaning is ideal. You can have this treatment regularly to keep your carpets healthy and to remove allergens.

24/7 Emergency Services

We also use our experience to assist clients in emergencies. It is important to fix water damage to carpets quickly before mold sets in or the carpet becomes completely unusable. We can visit you 24/7 for mold remediation or sewage clean-up, and to mitigate damage. Chances are if you are experience damage from standing water in your home, your carpets are not the top of your priority list. Let HydraKlean worry about it for you.

If you are in need of a Seacrest professional carpet cleaning company that will adapt its services to your needs, look no further than HydraKlean. We are knowledgeable, courteous, reliable, and in your area. Fill out our contact form or call us at (850) 664-6328 with any queries about our carpet cleaning services and how we can help you. We are proud to be part of the Seacrest community, and we would like nothing more than to help its residents make their homes look like new again.

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