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In your home, carpets can provide a striking and comfortable feel to any room, but their function does not stop there. Your carpets provide effective insulation, which goes a long way to reduce your utility bills. Then there is their function as a barrier to dust and contaminants in your living environment. They protect your interior and keep the rooms clean, but to do so you need to protect and keep them clean too. 

Just like any furniture, carpets need to be maintained and cleaned regularly, unless you are willing to replace them on a regular basis. Replacing them might be a good idea if you are dealing with low-quality carpets and they are easy to remove. However, if you have opted for quality carpets, or if you need to hire professionals to take care of the removal and installation of new carpets, you need something more. This is where hiring a FWB professional carpet cleaning company comes into play.


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Carpets need protection from the elements and contaminants. A dirty carpet stops being a protective barrier and becomes a contaminant that can impact your health and that of visitors. You may also have noticed that the sun can attack their fibers and colors, destroying or discoloring the carpet. This can severely impact their aesthetic appeal, as well as their longevity, which is why regular carpet cleaning from time to time is a must. This does not mean vacuuming, though vacuuming will help. It is vital to clean effectively using the right equipment, techniques, and cleaning agents to preserve the look and usefulness of your carpets. Your best option is to find a Fort Walton Beach carpet cleaning company and choose them as a reliable partner.

As a Fort Walton Beach residential carpet cleaning company that cares about our community, HydraKlean offers efficient services and extensive experience to all of our clients. Cleaning carpets is part art and part science, and you should not approach the task with nonchalance. Instead, opt for professional carpet cleaning services.

Not All Carpets Are Created Equal

Carpets are woven fibers that combine to create a robust and contiguous whole. These fibers have different tolerances and need different cleaning agents and techniques to clean them properly while avoiding damage. You would not use an off-the-shelf, multipurpose cleaning agent for silk, nor should you use non-specific cleaning agents on rugs or carpets, whether we are talking about a Persian carpet or an industrial polyester carpet. We have seen that a lack of information, untrained cleaners, and improper cleaning agents can ruin a carpet before we arrive on the scene.

Consider Your Carpet’s Location

The location and use of the carpet are important parameters to take into account before attempting to cleaning it. These factors can help determine the frequency of cleaning, as well as the best techniques to use.

If we are dealing with a welcome mat or a carpet that sees heavy foot traffic, it stands to reason that cleaning will need to be more regular. We can also recommend the best cleaning agents to use to combine cleaning power with safety. We will always advise our Fort Walton Beach clients on the best type of carpets and carpet cleaners to use for such locations.

Enhancing the Longevity of Your Carpet

One of our goals is to keep your carpet in the best shape possible for as long as possible. We use the latest equipment and machines to clean, vacuum, and deodorize the treated area. If you want to give your visitors the impression that they are entering a freshly carpeted area every time they walk in, just give us a call.

As well as routine cleaning, we will intervene in emergencies and deal with all eventualities. We know carpets and how to rejuvenate them. With our modern techniques, we may even be able to save a dying carpet when necessary.

Give HydraKlean a call and speak to our friendly staff of Fort Walton Beach carpet cleaners.  We are up to the challenge of how we can help your carpets take center stage once more.

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